Solid/glazed panel

The Evidence partition is the best solution for BOTH esthetic and acoustic requirements.

Multiple personalized solutions and finishes are offered with endless combination of full height or solid panels

A metal junction partition guarantees flexibility and quick installation, upgraded by the CERFF certification

The joint cover finish provides a demountable project with a wide range of possibilities, guaranteed by the CERFF certificates.

  • Thickness 76 mm compatible with gypsum boards of 72/48
  • Height: up to 3600 mm
  • Anodized or lacquered powder coated
  • Simple or doubled glazed from 6 à 8 mm (clear glass, laminated glass, sandblasted sheet glass, security)
  • Vinyl coated panels of plasterboard, Melamine or steel panels
Acoustics :
Solid Panel: Rw (+c) From 40 to 51 dB
Glazed Panel: Rw (+c) From 41 to 45 dB