Evidence Boxes are the answer to all workspace needs.

They have been designed in order to improve employees wellness and happiness.

In XL Size or in XXL Size, you can enjoy a special space to be creative, brainstorm and where business meetings can progress with increased confidentiality.


  • 1 to 3 glazed panels
  • Dimensions:  H 2300 + 180mm for the ventilation system – L 3000 – l 3000
  • Panels: melamine, double glazed or whiteboard
  • Acoustic panels, solid colors or photo printing of your choice
  • Air Exchange 150 m3/h
  • Invisible Hinges 3D adjustable
  • Lighting by downlight LED dimmable with remote
  • Pre-wired electrical system delivered (2 electrical outlets + 2 computer outlets RJ45)
  • Elements delivered to size and pre-assembled for quick assembly, furniture not included.

Solid Partition Rw (+c) 42 dB
Glazed Partition Rw (+c) 42 dB
Acoustic glazed door Rw (+c) : 41 dB
Ceiling Rw (+c) : 38 dB