BOX 2220x1200

A little bit larger than a phone box, this model is perfect for two people meetings or just to receive one person for a meeting or exchange.

  • 1 to 3 glazed panels
  • Dimensions: H 2300 - L 2220- l 1200
  • Panels: melamine, double glazed or whiteboard
  • Acoustic panels, solid colors or photo printing
  • Air Exchange 40m3/h
  • Invisible Hinges 3D adjustable
  • Lighting by downlight LED dimmable with remote
  • Pre-wired electrical system delivered (2 electrical outlets + 2 computer outlets RJ45)
Solid Partition: Rw (+c) 42 dB
Glazed Partition: Rw (+c) 42 dB
Glazed Partition + acoustic glazed door, according to calculation composite partition Rw (+c): 40 dB
Ceiling Rw (+c): 38 dB